About MATS

A premium gin from handpicked botanicals. MATS Dry Gin is the marriage of two noble distillates: First, a highly aromatic and intense gin essence is distilled from Mediterranean juniper, four exquisite peppers, lemon grass and flowers of sweet orange by steam infusion. Then the valuable fruits of Buddha's hand are individually placed in pure alcohol. This slowly and gently releases the uniquely fragrant and sweet-tasting essential citrus oils from the yellow bowl. Only when the precious aroma has completely passed into the alcohol is this batch also distilled by hand at a low temperature. After both essences have been given time and rest for their aromatic development, they are then milled to MATS Dry Gin. After a further maturation period, this is filled into the numbered bottles by hand.

MATS Premium Dry Gin

Must be tried. Juniper, lemongrass, Buddha's hand, allspice, orange blossom, grains of paradise, cubeb pepper and shinberry.


Founder and namesake.

Buddhas Hand

The main theme of the gin is the unique lemon - Buddha's hand. With its origin in Asia, it can be found worldwide in the star cuisine.